Welcome to Naturo Technologies

We are an international food technology company that believes food should be fresh, safe to eat, free of chemicals, additives & preservatives and be great tasting. That's why at Naturo we strive to develop 'world-first' food technology that delivers just that.

The Naturo Message

We all want the best when it comes to our food. At Naturo we want to do our part in achieving these aspirational goals, and believe that if we are thoughtful enough, resourceful enough and clever enough, we can utilise the richness of our natural resources and meet these challenges, one by one, for all our benefit. The essence of our food technology innovation is build around with these 6 core values.

Natural Food

Food should natural and full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Great Taste

We want great tasting healthy food to be available all year round.

No Chemicals

Food should not have any chemicals, additives or preservatives added.

Reduce Waste

35% of the food produced on our planet is wasted. This is not acceptable.

Safe Food

We want our food to be safe to eat, at Naturo food safety is paramount.

Feed The World

We want everyone around the world to have access to nutritious food.

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Our Innovations

Natavo Zero™ technology: Naturo has developed a world-first ‘All Natural’ food technology which stops the browning and is setting a new standard for cut and pulped avocado. What could be better than an avocado product that tastes just like fresh avocado, has nothing at all added to it, has several days shelf life after its packaging is opened and an inbuilt food safety step, meaning the consumer can feel secure that the product is always safe to eat.

Zero chemicals, additives, preservatives or processing aides, just 100% natural
Maximum food safety with all cut or pulped avocado products
No more browning of the avocado flesh, no guess work, reduced waste
A minimum of 10 days refrigerated shelf life, even after the packaging is opened
Great taste, just like fresh and ripe avocado

What people say

“When my company was approached to try this new avocado product that was not only a world first but a 100% natural product that would see avocado last in my fridge for more than ten days, without oxidizing, I was curious! More then 12 days later and still green in the opened packet, I was astonished!

Over my cooking career I have never seen anything like this! I now have re think the way I can use an avocado. 
This saves not only on time and waste but enables me to be able to use the product throughout the year with the same results! I don’t have to worry whether the fruit is bruised, over-ripe or the typical ‘hard as a rock’ (under-ripe), I use what I need and when I need it.

With a taste of raw avocado, this sets a perfect base for me to enhance the flavour, not just with the usual salt, pepper and lemon juice but also chocolate, coconut and raspberry to name a few.

I believe any business in the food industry that’s works regularly with avocado (and knows how inconsistent it can be) would benefit from this amazing discovery.”

Daniel Penfold, Executive Chef
Penfolds Catering www.penfoldscatering.com.au

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