We are an international food innovation company that believes food should be fresh, safe to eat, free of chemicals, additives & preservatives and be great tasting.

That’s why we strive to develop ‘world-first’ food technology that delivers just that.

Naturo develops original and healthy food technologies and products for businesses in the food sector, focusing on Natural ways to extend shelf life and enhance nutritional value.

We work together with farmers, processors and research organisations to review existing problems and create practical and commercial solutions.

Naturo (Latin for ‘produce naturally’) stands for our commitment to use only the forces of nature to provide solutions to food related issues. We don’t use any chemicals, artificial additives or any other unnatural substances or potentially harmful techniques in our approach.

We take food innovation projects from concept through to a fully proven and validated process, and the resulting technology to a patentable status.

Where needed we also design and manufacture key equipment to deliver the new technology and better food products.

Naturo is focused on interruptive food technologies and products which are not only beneficial for our customers, but have the potential to make a difference throughout the world and prove that nature is all that is needed to produce the best food products and nothing else.

We strongly support the efforts in reducing waste and spoilage of good food from paddock to plate.

The careful use of natural resources and the protection of our environment is our first priority.

Naturo is headquartered in Queensland, Australia, with representation in Los Angeles, USA