Natavo Zero ™
Natural Avocado Product

The worlds first natural solution to avocado browning, which has a remarkable shelf life, is 100% natural, tastes great and comes in frozen diced avocado or frozen avocado chunks and frozen avocado slices. It’s IQF Avocado like you have never seen before.

Anyone working with avocados gets frustrated by how quickly they go brown.

Which is why we created the patented Natavo Zero ™ process – the world’s FIRST natural solution to avocado browning.

The Natavo Zero ™ process effectively switches off the enzyme that causes avocados to go brown.

It’s 100% natural, using only the forces of nature.

Currently, there are two other technologies used to produce avocado products, but both have limitations.

High Pressure Processing is a food safety technology. It ONLY works on avocado pulp and will go brown within hours of opening the packaging.

Or the use of Ascorbic & Citric Acid treatments, which can give a small increase in shelf life, but provide no ‘kill’ step.  These treatments CAN’T be used for avocado pulp and leave an unwanted acidic flavour.

Natavo Zero ™ is the ONLY frozen avocado product available that solves ALL these problems, giving the food industry AND consumers exactly what they want.

Natavo Zero ™ is setting the new standard in IQF avocado products!

Naturo harnesses the patented Natavo Zero ™ technology via the Avocado Time Machine to produce multiple cut style frozen avocado products for the food industry:

Be it:

sliced avocado,
diced avocado,
avocado chunks,
avocado pulp,
or smashed avocado.

No other technology can do this!

Processing starts with the fresh cut avocado going through our patented process, next the avocado product is Individually Quick Frozen (IQF), then it is packed using MAP, Vacuum or Film and finally shipped frozen to YOU.

The refrigerated shelf life for unopened packaging is 20 days and the shelf life for opened packaging is 10 days.

Our Frozen Avocado product is 100% safe with a proven ‘kill step’, independently certified by a leading US laboratory.

It’s all natural  100% avocado.
Absolutely nothing added and nothing to declare.
That’s zero chemicals, zero additives, zero processing aides.

The Natavo Zero ™ process also retains that wonderful fresh avocado colour & taste.