Below we have answered the most frequently asked questions regarding the Natavo Xero™ Technology and Avocado Product. If you have a question that we have not answered here, please touch base and ask us.

Why should I use Natavo Zero™ avocado products?

  • Be the leader in your industry and introduce a world first avocado product to your market (patented and trademarked).
  • Set a new ‘standard’ in using Natavo Xero ™ cut IQF avocado products in your country.
  • Upgrade your own product portfolio and supply a better product to your existing customers.
  • Use a great tasting product that is new to the food service industry, who doesn’t want an ‘All Natural’ avocado product with an extended shelf life of 10 days (refrigerated) in any cut style.
  • Feel safe that you are providing a 100 % safe and certified product to your customers worldwide.
  • Realise an increase in your market share by offering a superior avocado product to the customers of your competitors.

How does Natavo Zero, compare to HPP technology?

HPP does NOT stop browning at all. HPP is a food safety technology only and the HPP treated avocado will go brown within a few hours of opening the bag. HPP only works on pulp. It does NOT work on slices, diced, chunks. It is also a far more expensive technology to purchase and maintain.

Natavo Zero™ gives 10 days shelf life (after opening the bag), it has a food safety step equal to HPP, it works on all cut of avocado including slices, diced, pulp, chunks, halves etc.

What types of avocado products can I buy with the Natavo Zero™ technology

We are currently producing frozen avocado slices in multiple sizes along with frozen diced (chunks) avocado in multiple sizes and frozen avocado pulp in multiple sizes. Talk to us about the type of cut avocado requirements you have as the Avocado Time Machine is able to produce any cut style avocado.

Can you produce avocado pulp or guacamole?

Yes.  You we produce avocado pulp Natavo Zero™ technology. Which you can in turn make guacamole from this products. If you would like to have bulk pulp or guacamole made specifically for your food service business, please talk to us.

Can I buy any other products other than avocados?

No. The Avocado Time Machine is calibrated specifically for producing Natavo Zero ™ avocado products and can only be used to process avocados.

What are the main advantages of the Natavo Zero™ products?

GREAT TASTE – Natavo Zero™ products are the closest taste to fresh avocados.

ALL NATURAL – Zero chemical, zero additives, zero processing aides, just 100% avocado.

EXTENDED SHELF LIFE – 10 days extra shelf life in any style (refrigerated, even after the bag is opened). A minimum of 1 year in the freezer.

100 % SAFETY – Natavo Zero™ technology features a proven ‘Kill Step’. (certified by leading US lab)

Does the Natavo Zero™ technology provide a microbiological “kill’ step?

Yes. There is a distinct microbiological ‘kill’ step employed in the technology. Unwanted pathogens and bacteria are eliminated to below standard regulatory limits (certified by leading US lab).

All avocados processed with the Natavo Zero™ technology are 100 % food safe. Guaranteed. This validation certifies that the Natavo Zero™ process and the avocado product produced from it are fully food safe, and includes satisfactory completion of pathogen challenge tests, microbiological proofing and certificate of analysis.

Does the Natavo Zero™ technology change the organoleptic or component analysis of the avocado

Apart from a very slight change in texture and even smaller change in flavour, all other organoleptic parameters remain the same as fresh avocado fruit. It tastes just like fresh avocado. Equally, there is no change in the component analysis of the avocado, the nutritional and oil content stays the same.

Is the Natavo Zero™ technology patented?

Yes. The technology and the Avocado Time Machine (ATM) carry patent protection across all relevant countries, including Australia, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA, Japan, Israel, South Africa, UK and the EU. In fact there are 3 separate patents protecting Naturo’s IP. The Natavo Zero™ word and logo are registered trademarks.

What does “All Natural Technologies” stand for?

All the Naturo technologies rely exclusively on the natural elements and forces of nature. There is absolutely nothing added to the final products: no chemicals, no additives, no processing aides. There is no use of radiation or any other potentially harmful processing techniques.

How does the Natavo Zero™ technology work?

The technology carries significant intellectual property, developed from years of research. Please accept that a full disclosure of technology and components is not in the interest of the future partners in this program. Once you are a licensed partner, you will be provided full access to and knowledge of the technology.