Naturo develops world-first technologies … that is what we do and who we are!

Our ‘first strike’ was a food innovation technology which solved the issue of avocado browning and is setting a new standard for the food service industry.

Out ‘second strike’ involves milk and is currently in development.


Naturo developed a patented world-first ‘All Natural’ technology called Natavo Zero™, which solves the issue of avocado browning and is setting a new standard for avocado preservation.

Delivered via the patented Avocado Time Machine, the Natavo Zero ™ process effectively switches off the enzyme that causes avocados to go brown. It’s 100% natural, using only the forces of nature.

This simple but sensational solution solves all the major problems that have been part of the avocado industry’s wish list for decades.

Naturo Technologies is now proudly producing a range of IQF Avocado products, including frozen diced avocado or frozen avocado chunks and frozen avocado slices, specifically for those in the food service, restaurant and hospitality industry. It’s IQF Avocado like you have never seen before.


Naturo is now developing another 'World First' in the milk industry.

The new patented technology has been invented by Jeff Hasting and is the first fresh milk processing technology in the world to receive regulatory approval since pasteurisation in 1864!

We can't tell you much more as it is very hush hush at the moment.

Watch this space for more updates.