The Message

Message 1

Naturo IP

We all want the same thing when it comes to our food

We want it as natural as possible with the maximum of goodness and everything else nature has to offer. Our food should be full of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that one needs for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Message 2

We want our food to be safe to eat, with the security that we are taking no risks of falling ill to any food poisoning, food allergies or any related diseases. We want to ensure our bodies do not build intolerance to parts of our treasured diet, because of the way it was prepared or produced.

We want no chemicals, additives or preservatives in our food products, or used during the production process. We want to use our natural resources, such as water and energy in the most efficient way, to ensure we protect our environment.

We love great tasting fruit and vegetables. In fact we love all our food to be great tasting. We want them available to us all year round and expect to have access to the best and most healthy products from around the world.

We want to feel good about our food and cook and eat with no regrets. We aspire for these standards to be realised by everybody on earth and not just the fortunate few of us.

Message 3

We want to reduce waste. We don’t like to throw away valuable food because it is no longer fresh or has somehow been spoiled. The fact that more than 35 % of the food produced on our planet is lost from the moment of harvest until it reaches our bodies is not acceptable.

We want to feed the world and give every human the chance of growing up in a healthy environment with access to clear and fresh water and enough good and nutritious food to sustain a healthy and full life.

Do we ask too much?

We at Naturo want to do our part in achieving these aspirational goals. If we are thoughtful enough, resourceful enough and clever enough, we can utilise the richness of our natural resources and meet these challenges, one by one, for all our benefit. Let’s do it together.